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Thursday, August 7, 2014

• Some people squeeze every single loaf of bread on the shelf before settling with the first one they squeezed in the first place.

• Moving over for oncoming traffic is a thing of the past. It's like they pretend to not see the vehicle trying to merge.

• People will speak to you in church, but will act like you don't exist outside of those doors.

• Little old ladies will stop you in a store or a restaurant to tell you how beautiful your baby is, and then proceed to tell you to cherish every minute with her because they go by too fast.

• Publix and Chick Fil A have the friendliest staff, ever.

• When someone asks for advice on a baby question, moms will judge and fight with other moms on a status or tweet because their way is "the right way".

• Mickey Mouse saying "Hey hey everybody it's me, Mickey Mouse" will stop a baby in her tracks and look straight at the television and smile.

• You can bend over backwards for someone, and they will never say thanks. But that moment they do something for you, and it's brought up in every conversation....

• Summer TV shows are better than most fall shows.

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  1. The church observations makes me sad. My church is the opposite.And I LOVE THAT!! Even the old ladies know Addison!

    100% agree with Mickey!

    Chick Fil A staff freaks me out sometimes with the "My pleasure". :)

    Happy Friday!!


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