Henson/Sowell Family Pictures

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm a photographer. I think pictures are important. And anytime our family is all together, I make sure it's captured through the lens of a camera. Most of the time, those pictures don't involve having everyone in them, because someone has to push the button, right? Well this time, I invested in a wireless remote so our family pictures were complete.

Getting a seven month old to look at the camera when no one is behind it can be interesting. But we did manage to get a couple of family shots where she was looking. Of course before I could be in the pictures, I had to make sure the lighting, and settings were okay. This was the first time I tackled being photographer and subject, but I'm so happy with the outcome of the pictures! Enjoy!!


  1. These pictures are seriously awesome!

  2. A wireless remote!! I need this. I love taking pics and we often set the camera up, do the timer and run. These pics look great!


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