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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I feel like I've published this post before, but yet, this is not a repeat. Even if I sound like a broken record. Yes, life has been reoccurring day after day, but that shouldn't be any excuse not to write. After all, writing is something that I love.

I few things have happened since my last "check in"...

• My last living grandparent passed away the middle of August. The last few months of her life she became very sick, and while no ones wants to see a loved one pass over into another life, we all knew it was time. She was ready to meet her maker, and go home. So we spent a few days in Mississippi with our family celebrating her life, and her homecoming.

• Our sweet girl turned six months old! SIX MONTHS OLD, y'all! Where was the time gone? She's weighing in at 21 pounds and 11 ounces. And she's 27.5 inches long! She sits up by herself, waves "bye bye" and laughs the cutest laugh. She thinks her big sister, Marsie Belle, is the funniest thing, next to her daddy, of course! Ganny and Papa have been coming by to see her and spoiling her rotten with kisses and attention, and she eats it up! Her favorite place is outside on our porch, and we can't wait for the weather to turn a little cooler so we can stay out there more!

I have a few other things to share, but I'll save those for another post. And maybe it won't be another month before I sit down and get my thoughts on here.

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  1. I cannot believe how fast that little girl is growing! Mind blowing!


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