Birthday Celebrations in Mississippi

Monday, October 20, 2014

If you follow me on any of my social media, it's no secret that we were in Mississippi this past weekend visiting family and friends. We went to visit for a couple of reasons, but one of them was to celebrate our oldest niece, Hannah, and the Mr's dad's birthdays. Since Pops doesn't like pictures, you won't see any of him celebrating... but, for the record, we did.

Hannah is playing basketball on the school team at RCA, so she got a basketball cake with cupcakes!

Turning twelve is a BIG deal. So we got her a purse, some sparkle perfume spray and hand sanitizer for cold and flu season! (Trying to be responsible adults and keep everyone germ free around AC!)

Since we don't see this side of the family very much, the girls enjoying playing with AC now that she's older and a little more playful. And Judy had all her Halloween decorations out, and most of them play music so they had to show AC how they work.

We had a good visit with the Mr's side of the family. The girls loved spending time playing with their little cousin, and the adults had a good time catching up while we celebrated the birthdays!

Unfortunately, AC was a little bit out of her element on Saturday. We've never seen her cry so many tears in her entire lifetime. We think teething had a little bit to do with it, but we also know that she's not used to being around so many people in a small room at one time. She's used to being with her mommy and daddy only, and sometimes her Ganny and Papa, too. We keep a calm atmosphere here at home and she doesn't like loud noises or people talking loudly around her. She knows her routine, and having people watch her eat, take her bottle and trying to go to sleep was very different for her and she just didn't understand. We know this is a phase, but it was sure heart breaking to see her crying so much, because she rarely cries. So I was extremely pleased to get a few pictures of her actually smiling.  

We probably won't see his side of the family again until after Thanksgiving unless they come over for a visit, and I can only imagine what AC will be a pro at to show them next! 

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