Double (and a half) Date

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ever since the Mr and I started dating, we had double dates with Angie and Mark. We've gone to New Orleans together for the weekend, enjoyed birthdays at the lake, and partied long into the night at Ross Bridge by the pool. 

Angie and I met in 2002 through work. I needed printed material, and she was my contact at the printer. It's been twelve years since 2002, but one thing that is as strong as ever, our friendship. Angie and Mark met the Mr (then boyfriend for a week or two) while we were at an art gallery event, and the guys hit it off. Angie and I knew we were set when the guys developed a friendship. We've broken bread together many times at each other's homes. And even though we live in Bham now, they still come over to visit, and we try to see them every time we are home.

This past weekend was perfect. We had a non-rushed dinner at their home Saturday night. There was college football, Ole Farm Beefhouse take out, and conversations that are always cut short due to the hour at hand. And this time we had an added addition to our double date — AC.

Angie and Mark have a gold retriever, Reggie, and AC loved watching him and petting him. She's definitely a dog lover like her mama. While the guys went to grab our take out, we sat outside on their gorgeous outdoor living space and enjoyed catching up, watching AC get tickled over Reggie and enjoying the fall temps! Oh, and I took a few pictures while we were out there, too!

Angie's daughter, Becca, is a member of the Pom Squad at Mississippi State. Since she was away at college, we played in her room. Oh, and AC found her favorite toy ever... Minnie Mouse!!!

Dinner was delicious. You can never go wrong with Ole Farm Beefhouse in Meridian. And take out was just as good as eating in the restaurant. It's our favorite place to eat in Meridian!

I normally get a baked potato, but instead I got steak fries to share with AC. You can see in the picture above that she has that steak fry clinched in her hand. And she loved it!!

Angie and had our time for girl talk while the guys watched football and AC napped. It was cut short because we had to leave to get AC fed, bathed and to bed. It was a wonderful night of relaxation, good food, great friends, and memories to last a lifetime! We can't wait to enjoy another double (and a half) date, again!


  1. Good friends, great food, and a cute AC. Can't go wrong with that combination!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I swear Joy, every picture you post you get prettier and prettier! I KNOW where AC gets her good looks from! (Sorry Terry, but your wife is gorgeous!)

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! Sometimes I have more fun getting takeout than eating in the restaurant!


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