Honey, this doesn't need to be monogrammed...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This would be what my husband says to me when I show him a new outfit that has come in the door for AC. I'm telling you he can see it in my eyes (or maybe I subconsciously mouth it), when I show him her new clothes, and he knows in my next breath that I'm going to say it needs to be monogrammed.

I'm a southern mama. I grew up in the south, and have lived here all my life. I know the importance of a proper monogram. I still remember my first monogrammed purse. Edith Boswell had a boutique in North Meridian, and monogram purses were flying out the door. I wanted one so bad, and asked for one that Christmas. I carried that purse til the shoulder strap broke.

Fast forward a few (10) years and the Mr and I got hitched. Our thank you notes were monogrammed; the traditional wife's first letter of her first name, our married last name initial, and husband's first letter of his first name. We registered for monogrammed chargers for our dining room table with an "S" in the middle. We also asked for monogrammed towels. This is something people who aren't from the south understand. (i.e. Jaime from Jersey Belle.) I still don't have anything with my new married (JSH) monogram on it, but give it time — it will happen!

Well, being a southern mama with a new baby, a baby girl at that; I feel the need/want to monogram everything. Whether it's her name, initial or full initial monogram... it just looks so cute on her clothes and accessories. But, monogramming is expensive. But, it's also worth it in my opinion. These are her latest monogrammed items that we picked up yesterday...

My need and want for monogramming AC's clothes and accessories won't be ending anytime soon. So, would it be worth it to purchase our own monogramming machine? After looking online, I think we could have already paid for one with all the money spent in the past seven months on monogramming.

Do you own a monogram machine? Is there a brand, model, etc. that you would recommend? Is it worth our investment? This monogramming mama needs to know!


  1. You should totally get your own monogramming machine! You will have it for years.....years of monogramming every darn thing! Heck, maybe you can make a side business of it?!

  2. Oh my gosh now you have me looking at them on Amazon lol I NEED one too! Avery always looks precious in her monogram :-) Please teach me what you learn about them

  3. I would love to have one!! I would monogram socks I would be so excited😊

  4. yes, you definitely need a machine. That opening sentence was funny to me for some reason.


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