Lunches with Aunt Chicken...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's amazing what blogging can do for introducing you to people, and it's pretty awesome when those introductions turn into great friendships. That's how my friendship with Plain Chicken happened.

I'd been following her blog, and social media for a few years before we actually met. One night I posted a picture of my lasagna on instagram, and she commented that she wished she was having that for dinner. Next thing you know, we were planning a night out in Bham with our husbands at Chuys. And the rest is history...

She was one of the first people to know I was pregnant, and to this day listens to my chitter chatter, and never complains about it. I love to hear about her #plainchickenontheroad adventures, and she loves my daughter. She was the second visitor to come meet AC once we arrived home! What she doesn't know is how much my daughter loves her! We both look forward to our girls lunch with Aunt Chicken.

Our husbands have become friends as well, so much that the Mr will text him when he sees a car they both fantasize over and joke about which one is going to buy it first. Men...

I'm thankful that blogging and social media brought us together to create a beautiful friendship. I'm thankful for our monthly to bi-monthly girls lunches. And I'm thankful for all the new things she has introduced me to here in Bham.

Can't wait to see what adventures we can get into next!!  


  1. I found all my best friends on the internet - that includes you! I've had so much fun getting to know you and your family! Looking forward to many more adventures!

  2. Bloggy friends are the best. I love Plain Chicken, she seems to down to earth on Instagram and on her blog.

  3. Love her recipes. Seems like a nice person!


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