Mug Swappin'

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My blogging buddy turned best friend, Darby, co-hosted a mug swap this fall and I had to join in on the fun. Basically, you enter and are paired up with another blogger to get to know. And in the process of getting to know them, you find out their likes, favorites, etc.

I was paired up with Chelsea from The Perfect Catch! We conversed through a few emails which was so much fun, and I also got to know her through her social media outlets. She has the cutest little boy, so y'all have to go follow her!!

Chelsea mentioned that she loved animal print. Now, you would think that would be easy to find in Bham, right? WRONG! For three days straight, AC and I searched store after store striking out. Being the Amazon Prime queen that I am, I decided to check there and found the cutest set of animal print mugs! Score! Y'all will have to head over to her blog today to see the mugs she got!

I got my package Monday afternoon. And much to my surprise, AC had a little gift in there, too!

She loves her new Halloween cup! Of course, the straw would be her favorite part!

And Chelsea found out I have a love for turquoise and got me the cutest mug for my hot chocolate this fall/winter!!

I had so much fun shopping for Chelsea, and I'm so happy I joined this mug swap. Thank you Chelsea for the perfect mug, and for giving little AC some love! And thank you Darby and Meg for hosting this fun swap!


  1. Your mug is beautiful and I love AC's cup!!

  2. So much fun! I love the print of this mug!

  3. That mug is just SO beautiful! Glad you had fun with the swap! Chelsea is a complete doll!!

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  5. that mug!! it would make me drink coffee all day!!


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