No Elf on the Shelf...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Every year I look forward to seeing Facebook and Instagram blow up with pictures, and read what their "Elf on the Shelf" did the night before. Some of the parents go waaay over and beyond to create something magical that their "elf" did on his or her way back from the North Pole. And we've seen some "elves" who didn't move at all, only because their parents forgot to move him or her. Parents of the year award goes to them!

And, if you haven't read Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies, then stop what you're doing and go read it now! But, if you really want over the top ideas then read this list.

Why are we saying no to the Elf on the Shelf this year? Because AC won't have a clue about what's going on with the little stuffed doll. We'd probably have to buy a new doll next year because she'd have this one so messed up with her drool. I'm not even sure she'll understand it next year. And why would "he or she" make messes in the house that I'll have to clean up after she is asleep to only make another mess for the next morning? Yep, I think we will hold off for a few years.

I'll still be glued to the social media outlets to see what everyone is doing with their "elf." Can't wait to see what all creative ideas the "elves" come up with this year!


  1. I don't get the whole elf making a mess thing. We've been doing EOTS for years (at least since G was in kindergarten) before it got to be this big thing. The point is to make your kids behave because if they don't, the elf reports back to Santa. How on earth can I expect my kids to behave if the elf can't act right???

  2. One of my friend's has already broke out the elf as incentive for her 5 year old to behave!! :)

  3. I too look forward to what some amazing moms do with these elves.....I don't think I'm nearly that crafty lol


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