Pumpkins, Minnie Mouse and Paint...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We had a little fun with our big pumpkins this year. Of course when you add Minnie Mouse and paint, you are sure to have a lot of fun... at least AC thinks so!

My mom (Ganny) got AC a Minnie Mouse for her pumpkin back in September, and when we went to Mississippi, her Grandmother (mother-in-law) got her a Minnie Mouse painting kit.

We are having to save the one she got from her Grandmother, cause it's waaay above her attention span.  It has thirteen steps, so we will wait until she's a little older for that.

She and her Ganny had fun turning her first pumpkin into Minnie Mouse!

With her second pumpkin, I decided to let her paint it. And, oh, did she have fun!!

When it was all said and done, she had just as much paint on her as she had on the pumpkin.

We added her handprints and footprints to the back of the pumpkin...

And nothing around here goes with out a monogram... (by mommy)


  1. Aw that's adorable- she looks like she's having so much fun!!

  2. Avery looks like she had the best time!! It's fun to let loose and just let them get messy.

  3. Oh my gosh she looks so happy with both pumpkins! I bet there was a lot of giggles and squealing with this :-)

  4. that baby painting that pumpkin is nothing but precious!

  5. Too cute! I'm impressed she didn't get any paint on her face! Jack would have been eating the paint haha!


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