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Monday, November 17, 2014

We live in Alabama, and we are Mississippi State fans. We wear our maroon and white, adorn our front door with a Mississippi State door hanger, and will proudly say #hailstate after anyone says/yells "roll tide" to us. By the way, this is the only place we've ever lived that year round have people saying that when you walk out of their business.

I was born into a Mississippi State family. I even bleed, maroon. And thankfully, I married another "true" Mississippi State fan. Last February we brought a baby girl into the world, and she is, by default, a Mississippi State fan.

We've sat through plenty of games where our boys fought hard, but the game was lost. We've left voiceless and defeated, but we've never lost our team spirit. We've seen coach after coach come and go, yet, we've never said "fire that coach"!

With all that being said, we're State fans. And we're proud of it. When "We Believe", you better know WE BELIEVE.

This past week we were all nervous, and I'm speaking for the Alabama fans, too. For the first time ever, we went into the match up with Alabama as number one! Ask any Alabama fan this statement and they'll tell you it's true... when you're number one — everyone is gunning for you. While I think State could have pulled off a win Saturday afternoon, it just wasn't in the cards. Did they want to win? No doubt! Alabama just wanted it a little more, and fought to make it happen. There were errors on each teams part, and there will always be that "what if" from each team after last Saturday's game. But in the end, the win went to the team who played better.

Truth be known, I'm so proud of our team for not giving up last Saturday. We've sat through many games where they just stopped trying. And it didn't happen this past weekend. We aren't bandwagon fans, so just because our team dropped to number four doesn't mean we won't proudly tell you who we root for. We will proudly take the same record as the team who has national championships. And as I said on social media after the game, there are still two more games for each team to play. The outcome of those are yet to be known, and the playoffs are still in our reach.

So, as for me and my family, we will still yell #hailstate!! We will still ring our cowbells!! And we will cheer on our team win or lose, ranked or not ranked.

And this little bulldog fan will proudly learn to say "goooooo bulldogs" by next season!


A little weekend recap...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'll be honest with you, at home weekends that are low key are sometimes our most favorite.

Friday night kicked off with steaks and baked potatoes cooked by the Mr, entertainment by AC, and DVR catch up fun! It also ended with us all in bed before nine o'clock. We're old, what can I say!

Saturday morning we had good intentions of house cleaning, car washing, etc., but instead it started with McDonalds for breakfast and more snuggles with our baby girl. And once the football games started, we were set for the day. And so was our little bulldog!!

Mississippi State is now 9-0 (first time in school history) and this weekend our boys face off with Alabama. I know how we'd like the outcome to be, and it could happen. Anything is possible, and we will be cheering for our boys loud and proud come Saturday.

We were all in the bed by nine o'clock again that night, and watched the LSU vs. Alabama game until then. Much to my surprise it was still on going when I woke up after eleven. I rolled back over after telling the Mr who won. The next morning I saw my social media was filled with lots of fans stating they were "holding their breath" and a lot of "when is the team going to show up" — so I can only imagine what the game looked like after we quit watching.

Sunday morning we were up at and 'em to get to church on time. And, we actually made it before the service began. Score! After the service we enjoyed our small group time before headed home to lunch that was ready when we got home. Slow cooker pulled pork, and it was delicious! If you click on the link I've changed one thing about my recipe. I now use a pork tenderloin. Hardly any fat, and it tastes amazing!

Our little pumpkin was pretty cute at church in her new dress.

We all took naps after lunch and got ready that evening to head to dinner at our friend's house from small group. They have a little boy who is about a year older than AC and they had so much fun playing together. The Mr and I enjoyed our time with them and our conversations. Oh and dinner, it was divine! They had chicken parm with a side salad, and we took husband's delight for dessert.

Another great weekend in the books, and now we gear up for the weekend ahead. #ha1lstate

Five on Friday — {Favorite Baby Items Right Now}

Friday, November 7, 2014

What I'm loving this week...

<<<< ONE 

Old Navy Onesies! AC lives in them if we have a day just at home. They are so soft, can sometimes have funny sayings, and are inexpensive. They hold up through tons of washings, and never wrinkle! If you have a friend who is pregnant, or if you have a baby — get to your nearest Old Navy! They have a great assortment to choose from!! And moms of boys... they even have cute onesies for them, too!

<<<< TWO 

Baby Pajamas! You could say I'm slightly obsessed with them! I can skip over all the other clothes in a store, just take me to their pajama section. And now they have their Christmas pajamas out! AC might already have at least three sets, and I'm sure more will be added!! She's outgrown the cute little footed pajamas. Well, they make them in bigger sizes, but the bottom of them aren't soft like the newborn sizes. And when she was a baby, the zip up pajamas were the best pajamas, ever!

<<<< THREE 

Teethers! All babies go through teething. Expect lots of drooling, and everything going in their mouth. I'd say AC's favorite teething toy is Sophie, but these other two are right behind her! As a matter of fact, we don't leave home without all three of these in the diaper bag. 

<<<< FOUR

Books! AC loves to look at books with you. And if you plan on reading to her, it needs to be one of those one or two liners per page kinda books. And the touchy and lift the flap books are her favorites. Or anything with lots of bright colors!

<<<< FIVE

Music!! We always have music playing in the car. Always. Most of the time it's mommy's music, and yes, my baby does love "All About That Bass!" However, I decided to purchase the Disney Family Christmas CD from Amazon so we could introduce Christmas music to her. Y'all — her face when she hears it come on, it's priceless! She loves to hear her favorites Disney characters singing, and she's even started singing along with them. Still not sure what she's saying, but it sure is cute!!!

Happy weekend, y'all!!!


Disney on Ice

Thursday, November 6, 2014

We live in a place where "things to do" are endless, yet, we love being homebodies. But, every once in a while we will venture out and do something fun.

The BJCC always has something for everyone. One year for our anniversary, we went to see Jerry Seinfeld at the concert hall. And this past Friday, we took AC to see Disney on Ice! I get regular updates from the BJCC on upcoming events, and when the email came through to by Disney on Ice tickets, I jumped on it! AC can still get in free to most places so we just purchased two tickets — two tickets right on the ice!

AC loves Minnie Mouse on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we found her an outfit at Target to wear to the show. And since we were right on the ice it was COLD. We had to add a black onesie underneath her dress, and tights! But she was the cutest little Minnie Mouse there! (This was not her Halloween costume. Yes, we had two different Minnie Mouse outfits for Halloween.)

When we arrived at our seats, I think mom and I got really excited. I knew we were on the ice, but seriously, we were front and center! Before the show started we took some pictures, but AC wanted no part of looking at the camera. She LOVES to watch little kids, and there was an abundance of them around.

Once the announcer gave the five minute mark to the show, Disney music started filling the arena and AC started dancing in Ganny's lap. 

When the show started and she laid eyes on Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy — she couldn't stop staring. And this mama couldn't stop crying!! Watching her reactions to seeing them for the first time in person just melted my heart!

And then, I pulled out my camera and put my iPhone down. However, you won't see all the hundreds of pictures that I took. I had a brain fart Saturday morning and thought I needed to clear off my camera, and hit delete all. Right after I pressed enter, I realized I hadn't downloaded the Disney on Ice pictures so I turned my camera off. Needless to say, I lost the finale pictures with the fireworks, and all the Disney Princess' and their Prince. Let's just not talk about how upset I am over this!!

But, here are the pictures I was able to save!

AC loved the entire performance. She fell asleep during the intermission and slept through the very first part of The Lion King, but was wide awake for every other part of the show.

The tickets were a bit expensive, but the seats were perfect and it was worth every penny to see AC's expressions.

A Weekend in an Instagram

Monday, November 3, 2014

It seems like each and every day we experience a new first with AC, and this past weekend was no different. Friday morning we went to Disney on Ice (a separate post full of pictures to come). I'll just say it was magical to see my daughter experiencing this for the first time.

Since the Mr was gone for his new job training last week, he had Friday at home with us and we enjoyed a lunch with my parents after Disney on Ice before they left to head home. After lunch we came home to nap before AC's first Halloween night! Only she didn't nap until 5 p.m. and didn't wake up until almost 7. I honestly thought she was going to miss her first time to trick or treat! But, she finally woke up and we walked to three of our neighbors houses for the experience. We turned down all candy offered since she can't eat it. And our sweet next door neighbors invited us in to warm up and get out of the rain to take our family picture. Yes, rain! It was cold, rainy and windy; and AC wasn't too happy we had her out in it. After all, she was all warm and toasty from her long nap.

And as you can see, AC was Minnie Mouse!!!

The weather wasn't ideal, and that held off a lot of the trick or treaters until after 6:30. While we went to our neighbors houses, we left a bucket of candy on the front porch. After the first house, we stopped back by to check on it, and it was empty. We're pretty sure someone dumped it in their bag because it was a lot of candy. However, we had plenty so we just replenished and went on to the next two houses. When we got back most of the candy was still there. I guess we shut our door and turned the lights off around 7:45. AC was tired and hungry, and we start her nightly routine around 8 every night. We had one more visit later on from a former co-worker (and his family) of the Mr's and we tried to give them all our candy before they left. We still have a little bit of candy left, but not much!

AC loved seeing all the kiddos in their costumes. Well, all of them but the scary ones. I guess we're just not a fan of the scary Halloween costumes. When we would see little girls in their sparkly costumes AC would smile big and reach for their sparkles!

On Saturday we geared up for a night of football! And I'll admit, we were a bit nervous about the Mississippi State/Arkansas game. Arkansas might not have the record to prove it, but they are a great team this year.

AC wore her lucky game day onesie, and had her cowbell ready for action!

We were on pins and needles all night watching the game. And thankfully, the dawgs managed to pull out another win to keep our team #1! After the game was over, the Mr said he was glad we were getting an extra hour of sleep because he was going to need to calm down for an hour before he went to bed.

Sunday morning AC woke up around 5:30. I'm pretty sure she thought it was 6:30, but she managed to stay in bed with us and sleep until it was 7. We got up and got ready for church and made it only five minutes late. Yes, we will consider that a win! After church and small group, we made it home around 11:15, had lunch and were all asleep by noon. AC and I slept in our bed until 2 p.m.! Talk about some great sleep! What we love about going to church early is having the afternoon open for an early nap, and other things before dark.

And speaking of dark, we might be the only ones on the planet that love daylight savings time. We were all in the bed at 8:45 last night and asleep by 9:15!

How was your weekend? Hope everyone stayed warm!
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