A little weekend recap...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'll be honest with you, at home weekends that are low key are sometimes our most favorite.

Friday night kicked off with steaks and baked potatoes cooked by the Mr, entertainment by AC, and DVR catch up fun! It also ended with us all in bed before nine o'clock. We're old, what can I say!

Saturday morning we had good intentions of house cleaning, car washing, etc., but instead it started with McDonalds for breakfast and more snuggles with our baby girl. And once the football games started, we were set for the day. And so was our little bulldog!!

Mississippi State is now 9-0 (first time in school history) and this weekend our boys face off with Alabama. I know how we'd like the outcome to be, and it could happen. Anything is possible, and we will be cheering for our boys loud and proud come Saturday.

We were all in the bed by nine o'clock again that night, and watched the LSU vs. Alabama game until then. Much to my surprise it was still on going when I woke up after eleven. I rolled back over after telling the Mr who won. The next morning I saw my social media was filled with lots of fans stating they were "holding their breath" and a lot of "when is the team going to show up" — so I can only imagine what the game looked like after we quit watching.

Sunday morning we were up at and 'em to get to church on time. And, we actually made it before the service began. Score! After the service we enjoyed our small group time before headed home to lunch that was ready when we got home. Slow cooker pulled pork, and it was delicious! If you click on the link I've changed one thing about my recipe. I now use a pork tenderloin. Hardly any fat, and it tastes amazing!

Our little pumpkin was pretty cute at church in her new dress.

We all took naps after lunch and got ready that evening to head to dinner at our friend's house from small group. They have a little boy who is about a year older than AC and they had so much fun playing together. The Mr and I enjoyed our time with them and our conversations. Oh and dinner, it was divine! They had chicken parm with a side salad, and we took husband's delight for dessert.

Another great weekend in the books, and now we gear up for the weekend ahead. #ha1lstate


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