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Monday, November 17, 2014

We live in Alabama, and we are Mississippi State fans. We wear our maroon and white, adorn our front door with a Mississippi State door hanger, and will proudly say #hailstate after anyone says/yells "roll tide" to us. By the way, this is the only place we've ever lived that year round have people saying that when you walk out of their business.

I was born into a Mississippi State family. I even bleed, maroon. And thankfully, I married another "true" Mississippi State fan. Last February we brought a baby girl into the world, and she is, by default, a Mississippi State fan.

We've sat through plenty of games where our boys fought hard, but the game was lost. We've left voiceless and defeated, but we've never lost our team spirit. We've seen coach after coach come and go, yet, we've never said "fire that coach"!

With all that being said, we're State fans. And we're proud of it. When "We Believe", you better know WE BELIEVE.

This past week we were all nervous, and I'm speaking for the Alabama fans, too. For the first time ever, we went into the match up with Alabama as number one! Ask any Alabama fan this statement and they'll tell you it's true... when you're number one — everyone is gunning for you. While I think State could have pulled off a win Saturday afternoon, it just wasn't in the cards. Did they want to win? No doubt! Alabama just wanted it a little more, and fought to make it happen. There were errors on each teams part, and there will always be that "what if" from each team after last Saturday's game. But in the end, the win went to the team who played better.

Truth be known, I'm so proud of our team for not giving up last Saturday. We've sat through many games where they just stopped trying. And it didn't happen this past weekend. We aren't bandwagon fans, so just because our team dropped to number four doesn't mean we won't proudly tell you who we root for. We will proudly take the same record as the team who has national championships. And as I said on social media after the game, there are still two more games for each team to play. The outcome of those are yet to be known, and the playoffs are still in our reach.

So, as for me and my family, we will still yell #hailstate!! We will still ring our cowbells!! And we will cheer on our team win or lose, ranked or not ranked.

And this little bulldog fan will proudly learn to say "goooooo bulldogs" by next season!



  1. Very well said, as an Alabama fan, I will say that I was nervous about the game Saturday. Two awesome teams gunning for a victory. And you are very accurate, when you are #1, everyone is out to take you down. Yes a loss is a horrific blow, however a true fan is never sore about losing. It's the passion for the next game that keeps the fire inside us alive. Stay true to your team, win or lose. That's what keeps the players going also. I love my tide. #crimsonandwhiteforever. And little Avery has to be the most beautiful state fan, aside from her mama, that I've ever seen.

  2. I am not going to lie when I tell you I was a little nervous Saturday before the game! I was not expecting to see the score I did in the first half but I didn't breath easily til it was all said and done. I love the enthusiasm of all the SEC teams here in the south! And Avery looks adorable in her maroon,

  3. You southerners and your SEC football rivalries! I find it so intriguing.

  4. We were definitely nervous about the game. Both teams fought hard. But like you said , I will always love my team win or lose.


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