Wednesday, December 24, 2014

If you follow us on social media, you probably already know the news we shared yesterday...

After a great 12 week appointment this morning, we decided to let AC tell our big secret... #babysowell2015 due the end of June!!

Yep, we've been keeping a big secret at our house for a couple of months.

On October 28th, I woke up and knew I needed to take a pregnancy test. The only problem was Terry was out of town for training with his new job, and mom was here helping out with AC. She had a hair appointment that morning, and I told her to take Terry's vehicle (that way AC and I could run to CVS to get a pregnancy test). Well, his vehicle was low on fuel, so she had to take mine. She asked if I needed anything while she was out, and I mentioned a pregnancy test. The look on her face was complete shock!

She came home and brought lunch and a bag from CVS. And after lunch I decided to take one of the tests. It didn't take a minute for both lines to appear. And I just stood there staring at the test. WOW... and all I could think was... we're having another baby!!

I came out of our master bedroom and mom was holding AC and I said, well I guess I better let Terry know. Her exact words, you've got to be kidding me. Ha! Nope, not kidding at all. I knew it was a slim chance that he would answer, but I called anyway. He didn't, so I sent him the picture posted above. And he immediately wrote back, I see two lines!!!

He called a few minutes later and I think we both were shocked and excited. When he started his new job, insurance started immediately, but we didn't have our cards just yet. So he had to get me the information I needed to give to my dr.'s office. And the next day, I went in for blood work. The look on the ladies' faces when I walked in was priceless. They were so excited to see me, and to hear our news. After I got back from the dr.'s office, I took the other pregnancy test, and the line was much darker than the day before. Which made me smile, big time!

That Friday (Halloween) I got a call first thing from the dr.'s office saying I was indeed pregnant, but it was early, and my progesterone level was low. This was the same with AC. So she called me in meds to start taking, and rescheduled more blood work for the following week. While we were at the Disney on Ice show, I started crying when AC saw Mickey and Minnie for the first time. And I immediately sent a text to Terry telling him, yep... there's no doubt I'm pregnant, because I just started crying watching AC see Mickey and Minnie.

The following week, AC and I went in for my second round of blood work, and the next day was called to say everything came back great. My progesterone level was at the level they wanted, and my pregnancy hormone was steadily climbing. And she scheduled my first appointment for an ultrasound.

So far, we've had three ultrasounds to check on #babysowell2015. I'll have a separate post with photos from them so y'all can see what we saw at six weeks, nine weeks and then at twelve weeks.

At our appointment yesterday, my dr said everything is going great. I've actually lost nine pounds so far due to the stomach virus before Thanksgiving, and haven't gained any of it back. My dr put me on BP meds, and it has helped tremendously. And she took me off my progesterone yesterday. The placenta has formed and it's sitting at the top of my uterus. The baby is due July 4th, but we will have a c-section towards the end of June. And if you're calculating in your head... our babies will be 16 months apart!

We scheduled our next two appointments and already know when we are having our anatomy scan. Just seven weeks until we know the gender of this sweet baby!!

Not only are we having the best Christmas ever celebrating with our baby girl, AC. But, we are also excited that in six months, we will add another sweet baby to our family!!


  1. truly the two most awesome Christmas gifts this year :-)

  2. An early Christmas miracle!!! I am so happy for you guys :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Congrats to you guys!! So exciting. And I can't believe your dr does so many ultrasounds. That's awesome!! Hope you are feeling well!!


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