Visiting Santa...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We knew we wanted to take AC to see Santa since the holidays began. We thought we would go the first weekend of December... well, it rained and we ended up staying home. Last weekend, the Mr had the flu, and I vowed to not take her the weekend before Christmas. So, we made plans to go Wednesday afternoon. We got to the mall around 3:30 and walked right up to Santa. No lines to wait in — hallelujah!

They took a family picture of us, but we had no idea that was happening so the Mr said, let's just not show anyone that picture. And I agreed. I mean, I would have at least not had my hair in a ponytail, and he would have changed out of his work shirt!

I took AC right up to Santa and told her here is Ho Ho Ho that we've been telling you about. She went right to him and was in awe. He told her she was a good little girl, and that she was really sweet. And he gave her a book that she held onto tightly until we stopped to shop in Belk.

No tears, no beard pulling, and all of that combined with no line equaled success!!

We are officially ready for Santa to come down our chimney!!


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