I'm not ready... or am I?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

As most of you know, we are expecting another baby (#babysowell2015) and are due the last part of June. And for the past month, we've been talking about trading in my current vehicle and getting something different.

I currently drive an Acadia Denali, and I love it. The only issue is the second set of seats are captain chairs. And while I love this feature, it's not going to work the best with two kids in car seats. Especially since one of us needs to ride back there with the kids for long trips.

So, we've been talking about different vehicles and what would work best for us. And then Terry brings up a mini van! A mini van?! Seriously?! I'm not old enough to be qualified as a potential mini van owner! Well, technically I guess I am, but who wants to admit that?

Over the holidays while we were on the road a good bit we would notice different mini vans and talk about it. While going to Target and trying to find the "right" parking spot, we would talk about it. And while having Christmas with my side of the family at the camp house, we looked at my Aunt's Honda Odyssey up close and personal, and we continue to talk about it.

We haven't gone to the dealerships around here to actually test drive one, but I have a feeling the day is coming. Yes, having a vehicle a little lower to than my current would help with getting kids in and out of the vehicle, and even me getting in as we leave the hospital. (I didn't think we would ever get me in the Denali once we left the hospital because I was so scared of opening my incision.)

But, am I ready to be a mini van mom?

When we look at all the options and features the mini van has, it's really a no brainer on paper. However, my head hasn't fully come on board, yet.

What I do like about it:

• a full row for the second set of seats, but easy access to the third row
• lower than my Denali, but nowhere near as low as a car
• storage and luggage space for days, that I have no doubt we will fill up immediately
• sliding doors which makes for easier parking and not having to figure out if I can get the babies out

And I feature that I adore on my current vehicle is remote start. Terry promises me they can add it to the mini van, so we will see.

This would be my vehicle, but when we travel Terry would do most of the driving. So now he is asking himself, am I a mini van person? Ha!

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Do you have a mini van? What are the pros and cons with yours?

A Shopping Experience Gone Wrong...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

We had some friends over last night for dinner and a play date for AC. During dinner, we were talking about quick meals for weekday dinners, and she mentioned something that she had purchased at ALDI, and said it was cheap, quick to make, and delicious.

So, while Terry and I were out shopping at Target, we decided to make a trip to our new ALDI and check it out. Expecting it to be like shopping at Publix, we were sadly mistaken.

Let me explain...

We don't keep cash on us. And to get a shopping cart, you need a quarter. Oh, you get your quarter back, but still, no cash on either one of us. So we went in looking for a basket. No baskets. Terry carried AC, and I attempted to juggle our future purchases in my arms.

No shelves, just boxes stacked on top of each other. By boxes I mean the box that is shipped with all the products in it. The front of the box is torn off, and you just pull what you want from the box. Which it's all kinda a mess with no organization. We both left with a ragging headache.

Selection is minimal. Lucky for us, we only went in for a couple of items. Finally found the bananas (still completely green but bought them anyway).

Stood in line trying not to drop our items, and once I was finally able to set them down we had to decide which bag(s) to purchase to put our groceries in. We decided on a paper bag. Our total for a bunch of bananas, bag of potatoes, two heads of lettuce, a box of crackers, and our paper bag was $7. Great deal, but was it worth the hassle. We're thinking, no.

Oh, and you bag your own groceries, away from the register. And since we didn't have a buggy, we had to take our items a few at a time to the table a few feet away from the register to bag them ourselves. If Terry had not have been with me, I'm pretty sure AC and I would have left empty handed.

We understand that all of the things that we take for granted while shopping at Publix like selection, friendliness, convenience, etc. is the reason why their prices are higher than ALDI. But I'll be honest, this mom of an almost eleven month old and seventeen weeks pregnant exhausted mom will pay the 5% more to have the things we now do not take for granted at Publix. Nothing beats having someone take my groceries to our vehicle even in the rain and put them in the back while I get AC strapped in her car seat!

#babysowell2015 update...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We went to our sixteen week check up yesterday, and both mom and baby got a good report. It took my doctor a minute to find the heartbeat (which scared me half to death) but when she found it, I relaxed a little. She finally found a good spot so we could listen for a few minutes and so she could get a good reading, and the heart rate was 150!

My blood pressure was also perfect! 120/80! She said at my next appointment she will probably pull me off my bp meds and will restart them in the third trimester.

We have our anatomy scan scheduled for February 10th. I was a nervous wreck with AC's anatomy scan. Of course we were excited to find out the gender, but it's also a big appointment to make sure everything is good with the baby and all his/her organs. So I'm already getting nervous about this anatomy scan. But, we're also hopeful that this baby will show off the goods so we can find out if we're keeping it all pink, or adding blue!

As far as weigh gain, technically I'm still at a loss. After our first appointment in November, I had the stomach virus and lost nine pounds. Well, I've only gained two of them back. So I'm still down seven pounds from where we started. I'm sure that will change, but I'm happy to have only gained two pounds in eight weeks!

We have our girl name ready, but the boy name, well, we still have a short list to get down to one. The middle name will be the same for the boy or girl.

As our doctor said yesterday, "well guys, we're just moving right along." And she's right. In a way, it feels like it's taken forever to get to sixteen weeks, but really it's gone by fast. Hoping the next three fly by so we can see our little one, and finally put a name with the face!

By the way, we are so thankful for all of you who are praying for this little one. So many helped us pray for AC, and we feel blessed to have more prayers going up for this baby. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

C-Section vs. VBAC

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Let me start by saying I'm not a fan of mom bashing. And this post is not intended to start a war against moms, because let's face it — we all have the right to be our own person and make our own decisions. And unfortunately pretty much any mom site you go to, except one that Breanna just started on FB, you'll find mom bashing on just about anything from getting pregnant to breastfeeding. We are all just trying to be the best mom we can be, and judging someone about how they bring their child in the world, or how they feed their child is uncalled for.

Yesterday while I was waiting on my curbside to go at McAlisters, I was scrolling through FB and one of the pages I follow (Lucie's List) had a post that I decided to click on to read more. The question was posed about having a c-section again or trying for a VBAC. Considering that I had a c-section first, and already know my decision about this next delivery, I decided to read the comments. After the first ten, I quit reading. Giving birth naturally, with the aid of drugs, or by c-section — that's a decision the mom and her doctor need to decide. I understand that people say some doctors can be pushy, but remember, you chose that doctor. You and your doctor know your medical history, and what's best and safe for you and your baby.

I'll tell you that I started talking to my doctor about a c-section before I was even half way through my pregnancy with AC. And just about every single person I mentioned that to told me "you do not want to have a c-section!" No, I had never had one before, but my doctor and I (and my husband) knew that a vaginal delivery might not be the best thing for me. Here's why... I'm a very anxious person when pregnant. At our first appointment with my pregnancy with AC, I was already asking questions about the delivery. And with each appointment, my questions and worry grew. By third trimester, my doctor and my husband and I decided that a c-section was best. My doctor worried that I would go through labor only to get ready to deliver and then have to have an emergency c-section. Turns out, at 37 1/2 weeks, my blood pressure made it a no brainer to have a c-section, early.

During our first doctor's appointment with this pregnancy, my doctor suggested that we have another c-section. Terry and I both said, oh that's a no brainer, that box was checked before we left the hospital with AC. And here are my reasons... since it will only be sixteen months since my last c-section upon delivery, my doctor is worried my uterus could rupture with a vaginal delivery. Plus, I already know that I'm pretty anxious already with this pregnancy, and I'm already on blood pressure medicine. So, we know that it's best to schedule another c-section. And we are perfectly okay with this decision.

Now, I've read on other sites how other moms bash moms for making the decision to have a c-section. Saying if they've never given birth vaginally or labored, they don't really know what bringing a child into this world is like. I would disagree with that statement in a heartbeat. Just because my child made a different entrance into the world than yours, doesn't mean that my birth story and experience isn't as wonderful as yours. If you labored at home, in a birthing pool, with or without drugs, or with your entire family watching you bring your baby into the world — the beauty of it is, it's your beautiful story. I'm not sure I've ever heard the same birth story twice.

I've never questioned if having a c-section was the right decision. I trust my doctor and her team to help me bring our children into this world. And, a c-section is the way it has/will happen for them. Plus, whenever my children ask where does the baby come out, I can point to the area of my scar and tell them that's where they came out of mama's belly. =)

Henson Family Christmas

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We celebrated our last 2014 Christmas get together this past weekend in Philadelphia with the Henson crew. This used to be celebrated on Christmas Day, but with all the changes in the family we had to change it up.

We decided to make a day trip out of it and drive the two and a half hours one way that morning, and then come back later that afternoon. Of course we planned to leave Bham by 8:30, and we pulled out of the driveway at 9:36.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Beth had lunch prepared for us — pulled pork, chicken, hot dogs and sausage, potato salad and baked beans. It was delicious! And then we had red velvet cake, pie and dirt pudding for dessert.

Right after we arrived, we saw someone else coming down the drive. We were surprised to see Ms. Betty and her family coming in the door. This is the first time we've seen her since papaw's funeral. And she's been through a lot since then, but it was great to see her doing so good. And it was also the first time for she and AC to met. We enjoyed the short visit with her, and AC loved on her, and loved on her. I think it pretty much made her day!

Of course, AC was the center of attention this year. And the older girl cousins kept her entertained throughout the afternoon!

And then it was time for presents! AC loved all the help with opening her presents, and loved them helping her play with them afterwards!

AC loved spending time with her aunts and uncle!!

Calvin's "pups" came to visit, too. And I think this might have been the only time I've taken a picture of him that I didn't have to beg him to smile!

The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing baby names for #babysowell2015. We already have our girl name decided on, and have our boy name narrowed down... but it was funny to hear everyone's suggestions.

Here are some of the other pictures from family members during our get together...

We had a great time seeing everyone, and are counting down the days until we see everyone again in February!!

Bringing in 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

If I can reminisce for a moment, I can remember bringing in the new year when I was younger by going over to the neighbor's house to shoot fireworks. And most of the time we made it to midnight. Once I got a place of my own, I pretty much watched the ball drop at eleven, and then was in the bed. There was that one year that we had a big bonfire and shot fireworks, and I didn't get home until the next morning early. But that seems like ages ago.

Once the Mr was in the picture, we would go out to dinner, usually by ourselves, and get in the bed before eleven. Two years in a row we were sick and were in the bed before ten. Bringing in 2014 was bittersweet. I lost my papaw that night. And knew we would be bringing a sweet baby girl in the world in 2014. So it was an early bedtime for us then, too.

This year, however, we kicked it up a notch. We had one of my best friends and her boyfriend over visiting, and we brought 2015 in with a bang. There weren't any fireworks, but there was a lot of good food, and lots of fun photos for memories to last a lifetime.

The Mr grilled cowboy ribeyes and baked potatoes, and we had green bean bundles, salad and rolls to round off the incredible meal.

Before we watched the ball drop in Times Square, we had some fun in front of the camera! Gotta love good photo booth props!

And someone didn't want 2014 to end, or maybe she's just not ready for 2015 because she knows she'll get a little brother or little sister in a few months...

The Mr and I made it to midnight, but were fast asleep shortly after.

On New Year's Day, we had a big lunch with the traditional black eyed peas and cornbread. We don't eat collards or turnips, so that evening we had a salad for our "greens."

We're excited about another wonderful year, and can't wait to celebrate AC's 1st birthday in February, and bring a little boy or little girl in the world the end of June!! Good times ahead!!

We wish y'all a wonderful 2015!!!

Christmas in Mississippi, Round Three

Thursday, January 8, 2015

After a well rested night at the Mr's parent's house, we loaded up and headed south about twenty miles to my parent's house for Christmas, round three. My parents were with us at our home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we just celebrated with AC and decided to have the big family Christmas on the 27th.

My brother and his wife drove over from Jackson to be with us that afternoon and night. AC loves loving on her Uncle B and Aunt Mar Mar.

Mom fixed a traditional (to us) Christmas meal of turkey and dressing, with all the fixin's. And after we were finished eating, it was time for the gift giving.

The Mr videoed while I had the DLSR. So we put AC in the floor with her Aunt Mar Mar and Uncle B, and her Ganny. We haven't reviewed the video yet, but the Mr said he got some great rear end views from just about everyone in the family. Ha!

Oh, and don't worry... MB was waiting patiently, just like AC, for her presents, too!

 AC had lots of people helping her open her presents. Maybe next year she can tear into them all by herself!

The next morning we all got up and had pancakes, yes, even AC had a bite or two. Dad left shortly after to head to church to teach his Sunday School class, and the rest of us got ready for big church. (And yes, I'm in my middle thirties, but I still call it big church!)

Of course, we had to take some pictures before we left!

We still have one more Christmas to attend this weekend, the Henson family Christmas. Until last year, we always celebrated on Christmas Day with papaw, but with his passing, we missed last year and decided to push it back later this year. So, I'll have an update on it next week!

Christmas in Mississippi, Round Two

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Christmas' in years past have always been in Mississippi, but since having AC and realizing we wanted to start our own Christmas traditions we changed it up a bit.

The day after Christmas, we loaded up and headed to Mississippi for our two Christmas' with the Mr's side of the family and my side of the family. And first up was with his family.

We met his parents at El Norte for a non traditional meal of Mexican food for lunch before browsing some of the after Christmas deals at our favorite stores in Meridian. We made it back to their house in time for AC to nap and get ready for Christmas, round two.

In years past we've always eaten before we opened presents to make sure the nieces actually ate their dinner. But this year, like with many other things, it was changed. We all piled in the playroom to exchange gifts. And AC was finally starting to realize what these boxes with pretty paper and bows were all about!

And after all the presents were opened and dinner was finished, AC got in the floor to play with her new toys, and read with cousin Hannah.

AC had a great time and was ready for bed after a long day of traveling, visiting, and playing! Plus, she had another big day coming up to celebrate Christmas, round three!

AC's 1st Christmas — Christmas Morning

Saturday, January 3, 2015

We waited a long time to enjoy Christmas morning through the eyes of a child. And even though she really had no clue what was going on until we showed her all the toys Santa left her, it was still so exciting for us as parents.

AC had on her cute Christmas Eve pjs and was put in our bed around 9, and she was sound asleep when we walked out.

So Santa came a little earlier than midnight to our home, but he was just as gracious as ever!

Of course as soon as we climbed into bed, she was wired and ready to play. In other words, roll all over the bed between her daddy and mommy. So it took a little while for her to calm down and go to sleep, but who could blame her — the excitement of Christmas Eve had even gotten to her parents!!

The joys of having a little one who likes to sleep late meant we didn't get out of bed until after 8 a.m. So we enjoyed sitting her in the middle of all her Santa stuff and other toys and watching her just take it all in.

The smiles turned to tears toward the end of all the morning fun. See that stack of books by the chair? Well, we moved the toy she was playing with and she went to grab at it again and fell out of the chair and her lip and cheek landed on the books. Poor thing cried and cried, and we even had a little bit of blood, but she was back to happy AC a few minutes later after snuggles and plenty of kisses.

The rest of the day we had our tradition Christmas lunch that mom fixed, and rested before we got back in the floor playing with all her toys. We have it all on video, but I don't think I'll need to watch it to remember her 1st Christmas morning for as long as I live!
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