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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We went to our sixteen week check up yesterday, and both mom and baby got a good report. It took my doctor a minute to find the heartbeat (which scared me half to death) but when she found it, I relaxed a little. She finally found a good spot so we could listen for a few minutes and so she could get a good reading, and the heart rate was 150!

My blood pressure was also perfect! 120/80! She said at my next appointment she will probably pull me off my bp meds and will restart them in the third trimester.

We have our anatomy scan scheduled for February 10th. I was a nervous wreck with AC's anatomy scan. Of course we were excited to find out the gender, but it's also a big appointment to make sure everything is good with the baby and all his/her organs. So I'm already getting nervous about this anatomy scan. But, we're also hopeful that this baby will show off the goods so we can find out if we're keeping it all pink, or adding blue!

As far as weigh gain, technically I'm still at a loss. After our first appointment in November, I had the stomach virus and lost nine pounds. Well, I've only gained two of them back. So I'm still down seven pounds from where we started. I'm sure that will change, but I'm happy to have only gained two pounds in eight weeks!

We have our girl name ready, but the boy name, well, we still have a short list to get down to one. The middle name will be the same for the boy or girl.

As our doctor said yesterday, "well guys, we're just moving right along." And she's right. In a way, it feels like it's taken forever to get to sixteen weeks, but really it's gone by fast. Hoping the next three fly by so we can see our little one, and finally put a name with the face!

By the way, we are so thankful for all of you who are praying for this little one. So many helped us pray for AC, and we feel blessed to have more prayers going up for this baby. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


  1. that is all great news!!!! Can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl.

  2. So glad that you got a good report at the doctor!!! Cant wait to hear what this one is now too!!! And what name you pick. I just love Avery Claire!

  3. Great news!! Glad all was well. Sixteen weeks already!! It will be here before you know it.

  4. If I haven't already said it - CONGRATS my friend. I can never comment when I read on my phone! So frustrating! I remember the pumpkin reveal with AC, can't wait to see what y'all come up with for this little one!


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