Halloween 2015 Recap

Friday, November 6, 2015

Last year for Halloween it was a no brainer... AC would be Minnie Mouse! This year since we had a four month old and a one and a half year old, I wanted their costumes to flow together. So back in August I decided they would be Cruella de Vil and a dalmatian.

Do you know how hard it is to find a newborn dalmatian costume? I wouldn't have thought so either, but it was. So I had to do some searching to find the perfect items to complete LP's outfit. Thanks Amazon, you pulled through for me once again!

And AC's was a little bit challenging, but it all worked out in the end. Her costume came together with the help of some DIY projects and a steal of a deal on zulily.com for her coat. This was the first time she's ever worn lip gloss, and she LOVED it. (We won't tell daddy. Ha!)

It took some convincing to get her to keep her wig on, but once she saw herself in the mirror she said, OH WEE!

We only made it to three houses before the rain started, so we called it a night. AC loved seeing all the trick or treaters come to the door. Last year we had at least 200, this year because of the rain we only had 20-25. She kept standing at the door saying, kids, kids... I mean, this pose looking for trick or treaters kills me!

Even with the rain, we had a great Halloween. I know next year, LP will enjoy it more. Of course, I've already starting thinking about their costumes for 2016!!
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