Christmas Pajamas

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

As you might remember from my Christmas recap, our air conditioner went out early Christmas Eve night. You'd think this wouldn't be a big deal since it was Christmas, and December, and winter... but we live in the South. So there you go!

I had these really cute matching pajamas for the girls to wear for photos. Of course when it's 82 degrees in the house, you wear summer pjs to bed. So we didn't get to wear the cute pjs Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. But, I told Terry the tree and decorations were not coming down until I got that picture this year.

I ordered the pajamas from a friend on Facebook. She has really cute boutique clothes waaaay cheaper than any other site I've seen. I saw the pajamas back in November and ordered the girls a matching set. I knew they wouldn't be in until the second week of Christmas, but I went ahead and made arrangements for them to be monogrammed as soon as they came in. Well, they were delivered December 18th, to our front door, or so the tracking information said. However, they were no where to be found. We even went a street over to see if they were delivered to that 112... but no such luck. Chastity was very helpful and put a claim in immediately to the post office, but I knew we would never see those pajamas in time for Christmas.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve...

I'm pulling out of the driveway to head to Publix for some last minute groceries and see a vehicle parked in front of our house. I look back and see all my family at the front door and a man talking to them. I called mom and asked what was going on and she said this man said a package was delivered to their house last week and they had been meaning to get it by to us, but just now got the time. I had her open it, and it was their pajamas!!! Nothing short of a Christmas miracle, I tell you.

Even though they arrived just in time, there was no time for monogramming. And as it turned out, they didn't wear them for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day anyway.

But... we did get our Christmas pajama picture. Even if it was on December 28th! And without monogramming!

The above picture is why I pay to have family pictures made. When I'm behind the camera, I can get them to smile. But when I'm taking the photo and I'm in the picture too, we get blank stares.

Now, you get to see the cute smiles...

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