Chef Avery's Kitchen Helper

Monday, January 4, 2016

I knew early on when I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl that I would want to teach her some of my favorite things. Little did I know how quickly she'd be learning, and at such an early age.

Avery, whom we refer to as "Chef Avery," is a big helper in the kitchen. It started one afternoon while I was in the kitchen making mashed potatoes. She came in, threw her arms up for me to hold her and said, "help mommy." Seeing how I couldn't hold her and make dinner, I just pulled around one of our island chairs for her to stand in. And every few seconds I was saying, "stay still, don't move, be careful." We worked like this for months. It made me and the husband a nervous wreck, but who can say no to an almost two year old saying in the most sweetest little voice, "help mommy." Rest a sure that someone was always standing beside her to make sure she didn't fall. I always tried to make sure I had all the ingredients that I needed before we started on a recipe so I never had to walk away from her. And if I did, she had no choice but to come with me.

My cousin, Jennifer, tagged me in a photo on Facebook a month or so ago. It was this neat little stool with 2x4s around it so the kid(s) wouldn't fall out that could be used in the kitchen. The picture is from Country Lifestyle. She knew how much my little chef loved to be in the kitchen with me, and when she saw it, she said she had to share! I had no idea that once Terry saw this (we share my Facebook page) that he was doing research to find one. Then one day after Thanksgiving, he told me that a package would be coming in soon. I asked him what was he up to and he said it's a gift for Avery, and one day Lenley would probably use it too.

Once it came in, he took it to his office to assemble it. I happened to be running by his office the day he put it together and saw it for the first time. It was perfect! I asked him where he got it from and he said he googled "kitchen helper" and ended up ordering this one from

The next day, we put it to good use. She always wants to help me stir the sugar in the tea while it's making, and this time I could step back and watch her work. This was right before we (actually Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, and there should be a whole post on why I love that product) started making the tea. When we bring it in the kitchen, one of us is always with her when she's standing on it. Since we've had it cookies, mashed potatoes, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, and so much more has been made with her help beside me. We joke that she's probably not going to want to share with her sister when that time comes, and we'll probably have to invest in another one. Honestly, if that has to happen, we will gladly purchase another. It is money well spent. We feel safe with her in it. It's sturdy, and as a HUGE bonus... she can climb in and out by herself. It's easy to clean, because let's be honest, we both can be messy in the kitchen. Ha! When it's not in use, we keep it in our dining room and find her "teaching school" on it next to our command center.

If you have a little helper in the kitchen, the Sowell household highly recommends this one, or any of the other kitchen helpers.

(We were not compensated for this post, nor did we receive this product at a discount or for free.)

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