Homemade Beef Stew

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I grew up with beef stew as a food staple. We had it for dinner at least two to three times a month. Mom would make it in a pressure cooker when we got home from school, and we would gather around our round kitchen table while watching the six o'clock news and Wheel of Fortune. It was always served with cornbread. And it was always delicious.

When I moved out on my own, I knew I needed my very own pressure cooker. It was one of my must have kitchen items. But, for some reason when I mention cooking with a pressure cooker I always get questioning looks. Most tell me they are scared to use one. I guess growing up in a family that used it weekly to cook either beef stew, peas, butterbeans, or other things... it doesn't scare me at all.

There are books that are devoted to cooking with your pressure cooker. While I don't own one of those, we've gotten our money's worth out of every single one we've owned. (And yes, that means I've owned more than one.)

Since the weather has been a little on the chilly side here lately, I've been craving stews and soups. And thankfully, my family loves this stew just like I do. And, it's so easy to make.

What you'll need:
• a package of thawed stew meat
• 2 beef bouillon cubes
• 4-5 medium potatoes
• 4-5 carrots

Add the stew meat to the pressure cooker with the two beef bouillon cubes. Cover with cold water. I go ahead and add enough water to the pot where it is at least half way full. Place on the stove on high heat. Once it starts pressuring, cook for twenty-two minutes. While this is cooking, go ahead and peel your potatoes and carrots. Cut into medium chunks. You'll have about 10-12 cubes from each potato and 8-10 chunks off each carrot.

Once the meat has cooked, you'll let the cooker release the pressure and add the vegetables. Put the cooker back on the stove and once it has pressured, cook for another twenty-two minutes. The flavors from pressure cooking, well, there's nothing like it!!

And that's it! We serve this with Plain Chicken's southern cornbread.

What's your favorite dish to cook in your pressure cooker?

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  1. Yum!!!! I made a similar beef stew for lunches last week. Such the perfect time of year!


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