I do it mama...

Monday, January 11, 2016

She's almost two. TWO! I wish she was still a little baby sometimes, but I'm loving the stage she is at! (Except when she says, "no" to every. single. thing.)

Let's be honest here, we've been really slow at letting her have the reigns with utensils. We aren't super freaks who break out the steamer every time something falls on the floor, but the thought of mashed potatoes flying through the air scares us sometimes. So if she can't eat it with her hands, one of us has fed her with a real fork or spoon. Here lately she's been saying "i do it mama?" We decided it was time to start letting her do it herself, with somethings. Soup, that isn't one of them. However, chocolate pudding was put to the test yesterday. And surprisingly she did great! I'd go out on a limb and say ninety percent of it actually ended up in her mouth.

It was obvious she was enjoying it... from the mmmms coming from her mouth and from all the evidence on her face! But seeing her throw her head back and enjoy being a big girl made it all worth while!! She's growing up, y'all!

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  1. This girl is serious about her puddin' :-) What a cutie-pa-tootie! She needs to slow down with all this growing!


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