Valentine's Day Pails

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hello February! And hello month of LOVE.

With Valentine's Day a few days away, we had to start getting ready for Avery's Mother's Day Out Valentine's Day party. The school has asked the kids to bring in their Valentine's a week ahead of their parties, which means we have to turn hers in tomorrow. And I'm one of those that just can't go out and buy a box of Valentine's at Walmart or Target and send them with my child. Maybe one day, but since this is her first Valentine's day party at school... we went all out.

I found the pails at Target in the $1 bins back around the first of January. And when I stopped in yesterday, I think I saw one or two left. So sometimes it pays to think ahead, which normally I don't! So these have been hiding out in our cabinet until it was time to stuff them for her party.

I didn't know we had to turn in her Valentine's a week early until last week, and I started panicking. I had in mind taking her picture and making a cute Valentine for her, but it just didn't happen. Fortunately for me, I remembered ordering her birthday invitations from a shop on etsy (KellyJo Studio) and remembered how I was so impressed with her turn around time, and how cute they were. I immediately got online to see if she had any listed in her shop. I didn't see any last week, so I sent her a request. And within a couple of hours she had contacted me and we had something in the works for her Valentines. I even sent her a pictures of the pail, and she coordinated the colors for me. I also asked her to put "A friend loves at all times." on her Valentine, and she had no problem accommodating my request. She has some Valentine's listed in her shop now, if you need some printed for your child's Valentine. And fyi, they are ADORABLE!!!

While we were at Walmart last weekend, we picked up some candy to fill the pails. M&Ms, Fun Dips, Kit Kats, heart suckers and Kisses are sure to give Avery's little Valentine friends a nice sugar high! Ha! And for her teacher's pail, we added her a little gift card happy in there too.

Now we've got to get these in the vehicle so we are ready to deliver them to the school tomorrow.

I remember when we were praying for a child that I longed to do things like this with him or her. And today, my longing is being fulfilled. So thankful for our little loves that the Lord has blessed us with.

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