Abby's Last Fling Before the Ring

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This past weekend, nine friends/sisters joined together at Ross Bridge Resort to celebrate the upcoming Mrs. — the future Mrs. Abby Calhoun, that is!

We had a few minutes to spare before leaving the hotel to head to dinner, so we snapped a couple of pictures before making our way to meet the rest of our crew.

Our dinner reservations were at Cocina Superior at Brookwood Village. I love Mexican food, but I was the odd ball of the bunch and got the cheeseburger. Y'all, it was divine! And I wouldn't be ashamed to say I'd order it again!

At the restaurant we met up with two more of our crew, Sarah and Emily.

The bachorlette party continued just a few blocks away at... Target. No joke. Our wild and crazy bunch decided a Target run was just what our group needed.

And because it really needed to be documented that we really went to Target, we had a group picture made at the "city Target!"

After we got back to the hotel, we enjoyed peanut butter pie with chocolate sauce made by Lauren, and baby bites from Emily's bakery. Everything was so delicious!

Lauren (who coordinated everything for the weekend and is four weeks away from having a baby) had all of us write a letter of encouragement for her marriage and send to her weeks before so she could put them together in a book for her to read. Abby didn't read them all that night, but some had to be shared because they were hilarious! And FYI, if there isn't any laughter in your marriage advice, then there probably isn't much laughter in your marriage!

Before we all turned in for the night, which was waaaay after 1:30 am, we snapped a group shot since we were finally all together!

I can honestly say that the best part of the night was all the laughter. But when we all together, what more would you expect?

After a fun night and a few hours of shut eye, we all got up and enjoyed Chick fil a for breakfast thanks to the Laurens and Jamey. We finished just in time to head down to our spa appointments.

Before we all headed our separate ways, we had lunch at Jim N Nicks outside on their patio. It was a gorgeous day to be outside!

(Early Saturday morning I developed a cough that wouldn't go away, and right after this picture was taken, I had to head on home. I knew I was getting sick and I hated that I couldn't prevent it. I think the look on my face said it all, that it was time to get some rest! When I got home, Terry said I'm too old to party anymore. Ha! And I think he might be right.)

The next time we are all together, we will be watching her say, "I DO!"

Abby, we are so excited for this new chapter you are about to start. We love you and wish you all the happiest one could ever have! Thanks for allowing us to celebrate YOU!

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