"Egg"cellent Artwork

Monday, March 21, 2016

I love to do art projects with Avery. She's loved to paint since she was eight months old. (We let her paint a pumpkin for Halloween in 2014.) So anytime we have a chance to do an art project with paint, I jump all over it.

Lenley is starting to come on board to the painting train. She laughed and watched her sister closely during this art project. I figure by this time next year, she will be giving sister a run for her money in the art world.

I found the eggs at Target for a dollar. I painted them with white chalk paint and let them dry overnight before letting them paint them with their Crayola washable paint.

It's such a joy to watch Avery paint. She really gets into it, and I love to watch her little mind work. And listening to Lenley giggle made us all giggle too!

Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. I love how serious she is when she's working! And the end result is so cute!!


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