Oh TWO-dles!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

If I use a lot of exclamation points, I'll chalk it up to an overdose of buttercream icing this past weekend.

Y'all, it happened! My first born turned TWO!!

This past weekend, family and friends gathered at our home to celebrate in a very Minnie Mouse kinda way. The first of February, we sent out these adorable invitations designed and printed by KellyJo Studio to let everyone know all the details about her special day!

All the cleaning and food prep started two days before. My mom was here to help get the carpet and the house cleaned while I started working on all the food that would be served. Friday evening, my brother and sister in law flew into town. They helped us, along with my mom and dad, get everything in it's place for everyone's arrival the morning of.

My dad and Terry blew up balloons and we put them in Avery's room. Once she woke up and walked into her room, all she could do was look up and say BALLOONS!! MY BALLOONS! When I snapped this picture, she had just caught a glimpse of the balloons on the mailbox outside!

Before everyone arrived, we took a few photos with her and her cake and cupcakes. Her cake was made by my talented friend, Ashley, and the cupcakes were made by Delicious Bakery.

And we had plenty of food for everyone. Since the party was at lunch, I made sure we had enough meat, sandwiches, dips and chips for everyone not to leave hangry!

The kids had their own little table and extra kiddie food to eat with their meal.

Avery had quite a few friends to join her in celebrating her birthday.

And she had lots of family and friends here that love her very much!

She got all kinds of cool birthday gifts!

Her big surprise of the weekend was my brother and sister in law flying in from DC to be here.

Her Ganny and Papa were here a few days prior to spoil her rotten her last days of being one! And the day of her birthday, her papa had donuts for her and even put together all her birthday gifts!

After the party was over and everyone was gone, we finally got a picture with the big TWO year old!

We can't believe you are already two, but we are so happy and thankful that you are our spunky and healthy little girl!

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  1. Oh Two dles! I get it!!! lol
    This looks like a great party, the cupcakes the decorations....seriously everything looks perfect and fun! Happy Birthday AC!


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