Sunday Funday with B & MarMar

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Living in a different state and/or hours away from most of your family can be difficult. However, Terry and I make a point to be at all family functions regardless of what's going on or what state it's in. And, for those of you with little ones... you know how hard it is to pack and travel.

My parents make sure they are visiting their granddaughters at least twice a month, and sometimes it's more. They want to have a presence in their lives. And we're thankful for that.

My brother and sister in law by far live the furtherest away. And while we can't just hop on a plane to DC to see them whenever we want, we are thankful for the time we have with them.

Since our daughter's birthday is the same date every year, it's easy to know when we will be celebrating her day. Yep, mark it on your calendar because birth dates never change. We also knew the date of her party in September, and let all our family members know in October when it would be.  The farthest any of our family members had to travel was two hours, except for B and MarMar. So we figured out of all of our family, they would be the ones who couldn't make it. Boy was I wrong.

I got a text in January letting me know that they would be flying down for the weekend to help us celebrate. We kept it a surprise, and I let her ride with me and Papa to pick them up from the airport! She had a great time playing with them all weekend long, but I think Sunday was her and her sisters favorite day. Anytime we can be outside, they are at their happiest!

B & MarMar decided that afternoon to pull them in the wagon to the pond to feed the duck.

It took a little while for the duck to make his appearance, so most of the bread went to the fish.

And while we waited for the duck to come, we took some pictures of happy babies with their happy aunt and uncle.

Sadly, the weekend was over before we knew it and it was time to take them back to the airport. Lenley was asleep so Terry stayed home with her, and Avery and I drove them back.

That evening Avery was playing in the room and she came out and asked where MarMar was. I told her she had to go back home. So she walked away with her head down. A few minutes later she came back in and her face was lit up asking where "Uncka B" was. I told her he had to go home so they could take care of Maggie (their dog). She said, NO. And stormed off. I started crying because I know how much she loves spending time with them, and since we live so far away it's not a hop skip and a jump to see them. Hopefully they will pass back through soon so the girls can have more time with them.

We are thankful for those who make an effort to spend time with our kids. Those are the relationships that they will always remember.

Thanks again for coming and spending time with the girls, Uncka B and MarMar.

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