Watch My Garden Grow...

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This week Ganny and Papa were in town to spend some time with the girls on Papa's off days from meetings. On Tuesday, Papa told Avery that he was going to help her plant a mini garden.

So off to Lowes we went to get all the supplies needed to make this happen. (And y'all know Avery loves a shopping trip!)

The next day, Ganny helped Avery plant her grape tomatoes and her peppers. There were also some carrot and squash seeds planted as well.

And yes, little bit was out helping, too!

Marleigh was also part of the action. Avery had to take breaks and walk over to talk to her and let her know what all was going on.

We moved the plants upstairs to our screened in porch so she can water them everyday.

I think she was pretty proud of her planting.

We can't wait to watch her garden grow!


  1. We planted with Lilly this year too! Her first seeds (I think they are radishes) sprouted last week and it was so exciting!!! I can't wait to put them in our garden (we haven't had our frost free date yet) later and watch them mature and produce! And you have a sleeping porch!?!?! JEALOUS!


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