Weekend Getaway to Fairhope

Monday, March 14, 2016

This past Saturday we celebrated four years of marriage. In a way it doesn't seem like it can be four years already, but then I think back and remember we've been pregnant three times since 2012 and it seems like we've been married a lot longer. Ha!

We decided we wanted to go away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We love our girls, but we were needing some one on one time, and sleep.

Our Huntsville family has a home away from home in Fairhope and mentioned that we would go stay if we would like. We decided to take them up on their offer and head down Friday after lunch. It was a long, nasty, rainy drive down to their home. But we didn't care if it rained the entire weekend as long as we got some extra sleep.

We found the cute bungalow nestled under towering overlapping trees so close to the Mobile Bay we could smell it. It was quaint and perfect for our little getaway.

I mentioned the trees that overlapped covering the roads and houses. I could have looked up for hours and never tired from seeing this view.

Friday evening after we got settled in, we played it safe and decided we just wanted something simple for dinner. So we found a Ruby Tuesday and enjoyed a couple of burgers and fries. And, y'all might want to reread this sentence twice... WE WERE IN BED BY NINE! That's right, we were so exhausted from the past few weeks of being so busy and with me coughing my head off every day and night that we went to bed and literally passed out after a few minutes in bed. I think we woke up about eight thirty this next morning. Yep, the first night we've slept all night long since before Lenley was born.

We took it easy that morning enjoying the peace and quiet. And we watched HGTV with our feet propped up for a bit. No Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, Kate and Mim Mim or Sheriff Callie the entire weekend!

We finally threw on some clothes and decided to stroll along the Historic Downtown of Fairhope for lunch. We parked and walked in the drizzling rain up and down the streets until we found a cute little cafe to have lunch. Terry got a chicken fajita wrap with fruit and I got a turkey melt with potato salad. It was delicious, and the staff there at Bay Breeze Cafe were so sweet and friendly.

After lunch we wandered around more until we were completely soaked from head to toe from the rain. But we did manage to find this vibrant wall on the side of a building and had some teenage girls take our picture. (After all, I did take about ten different shots for them! Ha!)

We made dinner reservations at The Grand Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner, so we headed back to the house so we could rest up and get ready for our night on the town.

Valet parking is included in your dinner reservations, so we happily handed over the keys in the pouring down rain once we arrived. And once we got inside, we saw a bride and her husband finishing up their wedding pictures. Kinda cool that we know we now share a wedding anniversary with them.

Our dinner view was beautiful, even with it raining. And our waitress was wonderful. We decided on a salad, a caesar for me and a chop wedge for Terry. This was a first to have an 63 degree egg included with my salad. (I did not eat it.) We both had a filet, but I had the mashed potatoes and Terry had a baked potato.

The chef surprised us with homemade truffles for our anniversary for dessert.

We got back to the house just in time to catch a grownup movie where we didn't have to be concerned if a cuss word was said... which is why we don't watch movies when we are home. And shortly after ten, we were out like a light, again. We woke up a few minutes before ten Sunday morning, and after realizing how long we slept, we quickly started packing and getting things together so we can get back home to the babies.

We had a great little getaway to Fairhope, and hope to go back to visit again soon. Next time we might even take the babies because it's the perfect city to just leave the house with your walking shoes on and push the girls in their stroller!

Before we got on the road headed back to Bham, we stopped at the Pier and walked around for a few minutes. It was finally a gorgeous day to be outside!

Until next time Fairhope! We will miss your quaint little city, the friendly people, and the adorable roads that lead to beautiful places galore!

We decided we were missing the girls a little too much and just picked up a couple of burgers to eat in the vehicle on the way back home. Burger King drive thru for the win...

While it was great to get away and have some alone time with each other, we love that we get to come home to a home with lots of giggles and squeals... and smiles that will melt your heart over and over again!


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