Two Year Old Gift Ideas

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We've got a big birthday coming up in our house for a certain two year old! Sometimes I feel like Little Bit was just born, and at other times it seems like she's been a part of this family forever.

We are keeping it low key this year with a family party, and then we are inviting some of our close family friends over the week of her birthday to help her celebrate. I've already started buying some of her presents, but of course, everyone is asking me what they should get her. So, I thought I'll post some of the things she likes, and some of the things we (or other family members) are getting her.

1 - Toddler Shopping Cart Our little girl LOVES to push a play shopping cart at her grandparents house. It's also about fourteen years old, so they found this one online and are gifting her this version for her birthday. She's going to be so excited to have one at her house to play! If you have a little one who loves to shop, don't miss out on this little play shopping cart. It's on sale right now over on Amazon!

2 - Waffle Blocks {Farm} I'll be honest, I've never wanted Legos in our house. But, I really feel like these will be hit with both of our girls. I went ahead and purchased this set for her birthday about a month ago and since our girls love the farm so much, I see endless hours of them playing with the blocks and animals. Purchase this exact set over on Amazon, today!

3 - Paw Patrol Foam Puzzle We already own the Minnie Mouse version like this, so I know she's going to love this Paw Patrol puzzle. She can actually put the Minnie one together by herself. Paw Patrol is a new show she's just started watching, and one both she and her sister now love. You can get this one for under $10 at Amazon. If your little one would rather have the Minnie or Frozen puzzle, those can be purchased here and here. Come to think of it, I think we will add the Frozen version to our collection, too!!

4 - Wooden Building Blocks I know I already have waffle blocks listed, but these are different and are like the ones they have at school. Both of our girls loves to build with blocks, and I'm sad to say we don't currently own any. But we are about to remedy that! I love the bright colors, and the different shapes! I can't wait to see how tall their first tower is! Get your set for your kids or grand kids at Amazon.

5 - Baby Doll High Chair We have a lot of baby dolls in this house. And the girls love to take care of them. Up until here recently, they've been using their high chair for their baby dolls to use. Well, we said goodbye to the high chair and they were crushed because they couldn't play with it anymore. This is perfect for their playroom and will go great with the triple bunk beds they already have in their room! We will be ordering this one from Amazon.

If you've ever gone shopping with kids, you know it can be a hassle because they want E V E R Y T H I N G in sight. So Amazon Prime is the way I shop. I'm so thankful I can order and have most items within two days. We even have Sunday delivery where we live!

Let me know if you have these items for your toddlers, or if you order them. I can't wait to see Little Bit's face when she opens these!

Happy Shopping, y'all!


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