Zoo Fun & Spray Chalk Art

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We're right in the middle of our Memorial weekend, and we decided to spend the day outside as much as possible. Rain is in the forecast for all of next week, and we needed to get some energy out before we are forced indoors.

This morning we took a trip to the zoo. We have a membership and the girls and I have gone four times this spring, but this was the first time daddy has gotten to go with us since we usually go during the week. We rode the train to see the pirate exhibit, saw the monkeys playing, elephants eating, birds making lots of noise, and even saw a friend that I haven't seen in a few years since she moved to Mobile! We even had lunch at the zoo today, and everyone ate their meals. S C O R E!!! And no zoo trip is complete without one three rides on the carousel. The pictures below are of one "patiently" waiting for the train to move and who is not into pictures, and one who couldn't be happier to be on her favorite giraffe on the carousel.

Once we were home, one napped and one didn't. Let's just say the one who has been fussing all day isn't the one who napped. Even though she needed it. Late in the afternoon we went outside to enjoy some more time outdoors. I found some spray sidewalk chalk in the Target Dollar Bins a few weeks ago and went ahead and purchased for some summer fun. And for $4, it was well worth the money. We ALL had so much fun creating fun art in the driveway.

I sorta made or attempted to make an American Flag. The red sidewalk chalk ended up more like pink. The girls and Terry worked on decorating the inside of a heart. Once I finished my sad attempt on the flag, the girls came over to add to it. So after all was said and done (and after the picture below was taken, it was red, blue, pink and green.

We're having a great weekend, but are humbled for the men and women who gave their all for our great country!


  1. I love this post! I've missed you blogging!!!!

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