From Homeschool to Public School

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

I mentioned yesterday that last week took on a different role for Avery, and myself. 

January 13th, a day I will remember for a long time. The two days leading up to that day were a whirlwind, and an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

Avery has been asking to go to "big" school since the middle of October. But, due to her illness back at the end of June we chose to keep her home and safe.


Since Christmas break, and especially the beginning of last week, it was becoming very clear that she was needing a change. And, this change would break my heart. So last week we submitted her paperwork for public school. She went on a tour with her counselor for 1st grade, without me. Without me, because due to covid, parents aren't allowed in the building. I cried the entire time. She came back to the vehicle smiling and so excited to tell me all about her new school. And before we made it back home, I received the call that she had been enrolled, and could start the following day. The lady on the phone gave me a little info to get us started, and gave me her teachers name.


I immediately came home to check the teacher list to see and read who would be taking on the roll as her new teacher. More tears fell, but this time it was tears of JOY. Y'all her teacher could not be more perfect for her and our family. And I'm certain Avery will love her.

Her teacher was out last week, but Avery insisted she wanted to go ahead and start so she could meet her new classmates. Lenley and I dropped her off in the car rider line and before we left the school Len said, "mom I miss Avery" and little did she know, I was crying too! 

That first day I got an email from her teacher with the cutest, and biggest smile I've ever seen on her face. Well, the only other time was when she met Rosie for the first time. So all the tears, all the worry, all the stress... it just kinda melted away with this one picture. When I picked her up her exact words were, "this was the best day ever!"

She was very excited to go back to school the next day, and that day had some emotional moments for her. Her school day is now 7 hrs and not the 3.5 we were doing at home every weekday. Her day starts earlier, as in she was used to getting up at 7:45, not being in her class ready to work by that time. 

Some things however have improved. One, Terry is home when we have to get up and he helps get the girls up and moving. I'm not a morning person, he is, and that's made a big difference for the girls, and me. Avery is loving the interactions with her classmates, and has even shown an interest in eating from the cafeteria. She said her favorite day will be mozzarella stick day.

Lenley is not a fan of the afternoon car rider line. But I figured out Friday that she could bring their Switch in the car, so that made the time go by a little faster for her. It also kept her from talking my ears off.

All of the events of last week were a HUGE change for all of us. I'm hoping the routine will set in soon and it will become second nature to us all. I'm most excited about hearing how her first day with her teacher is. We watched her welcome video and Avery is really happy she is in her class. We've also been working with her this weekend to get her used to some of the work they are doing in class. Common core will be a learning curve for all of us. Hopefully we will all adjust and catch on quickly.

Prayers for another good week. Prayers to keep her healthy and safe. Prayers for an easy adjustment in our daily schedules. And prayers for this mama who is no longer in control.

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