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Monday, January 18, 2021

This weekend was supposed to go differently than it did, but that's okay. Avery was excited to go to my parent's house, and at the last minute she decided to not go. I truly think all the changes of last week with starting a new school, a different routine, and not being with me 24/7 had her wanting her mama. More on that later...

Friday evening we ordered pizza and chilled. The week was emotional, and we were all exhausted. We stayed up an hour later and called it a night. 

Saturday morning Terry and the girls let me sleep in. It was needed and felt great. I think the only reason they woke me up at 9 was because they wanted cinnamon rolls, and daddy didn't know how to make them. We spent the morning snuggling and having tickle fights before getting ready for one of their friends birthday drive by.

Saturday afternoon was full of sugar and sweets from Brayden's birthday. They had fun seeing him, and getting all the sugar. They got to ride in their daddy's work SUV for the drive by, and I'm pretty sure that made their day. We spent that evening grilling and hanging out in the living room. Not to mention we let them "wing it" and that's always a treat for them. (Wing it means a wipe down, and not a bath or shower.)

Sunday morning we used the hot chocolate bombs that we got from Brayden's party and holy moly they were good. The girls thought it was fun to see the marshmallows pop out, and to have green hot chocolate. Once the girls got settled playing, I tuned in to a church service back in Mississippi. I didn't make it through the first five minutes without crying. The pastor's wife passed away at a very young age from complications of covid the day before, and the entire congregation and worship leaders — you could just see it on their faces. The sadness, the hurt, the emptiness they felt, it was there and hard to see. I still see the joy on her face that I always saw when I saw pictures of her, and that's what brings me comfort — knowing she is showing that smile in the presence of Our Lord and Savior.

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent with some friends at their house for a cookout. Sometimes you just need a minute with adults and to let the kiddos play. It was nice to relax and have some laughs. After the heaviness of the week, and weekend, it was needed. And let's not forget all the food, it was delicious. I think if I always have the choice of what to have for a meal, it's finger foods and dips, and appetizers. A variety of yummy food always makes for a happy and content mama.

And here it is Monday morning... there is no school today. Avery was up at 6:45 ready for the day. (Who wants to place bets on if she does this tomorrow morning?) She stood by the window waiting to see if any friends were coming out to play. Lenley was like me, still in pjs and just wanting to sleep some more. Now their friends are here playing, and it's giving me a moment to catch up on laundry, some organizing, and well, writing.

Tomorrow starts Avery's 4th day at her new school. She also meets her new teacher tomorrow morning. While last week had it challenges, I'm sure more challenges will come. I'm just thankful for my tribe who keep me sane and uplifted. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it last week without them.



  1. Awww I saw Brayden's sign on the Sign Fairy Instagram page. I am thinking about doing it for Zoe's birthday next year since she turns 5. I am sure it has been quite the adjustment getting Avery back in the in-school routine. I know if I return to an office full time after so many months at home, it will be a struggle...so I can imagine!

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