our love

 Since Terry and I met a few years ago, life as I knew it changed for the "gooder."  I don't remember life before him and can't imagine my future without him.  We bring out the best in each other and enjoy celebrating the love that we have together. He loves the messes I make when I cook and how I like to use every. single. dish in the cabinets when I do so.  Can you sense the sarcasm?  But, he does love everything I cook and will sometimes help me prepare the meals.  And the best part, he even helps clean up my messes after dinner is over!  =)  We make a point to be there for each other no matter what we are doing.  I support his hobbies and as he does the same for me.  We have the same goals in life and that is HUGE!!  The best part is we truly "get each together" and we understand each others individuality.  He knows what makes me tick and defends me to the end.  It's that perfect companionship that people dream of, and I am happy to say that we have it.  Our love continues to grow daily and we are excited about our future together.  God has a plan for us and we can't wait to see those plans revealed!