Remembering my first days of school...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I woke up this morning and scanned Facebook and hundreds of first day school pictures covered my newsfeed. Kinda hard to believe it's the time for another year of school to begin. I saw a lot of friends I graduated high school with showing off their little ones dressed in their school uniforms and their backpacks loaded with school supplies. But seeing those friends that I went to school with brought back a lot of memories from my school days.

• We didn't have school uniforms, but I remember how that first day of school outfit was the most important (besides school photo day). This started all the way from elementary and lasted through high school.

• Having cool school supplies from the backpacks all the way to the pencils. I'm sure they still have these, but you remember the pens and pencils with names on them? I was never the kid to have those because we could never find my name on them.

• In elementary your desk was paired with another desk. Finding out who your "paired" classmate was could make or break your year.

• Let's not forget having to walk in line in alphabetical order and the seating chart for the lunch room. And the lunch room food... the only day I wouldn't bring my lunch was pizza Friday. Pizza and french fries, I mean who would have thought that would be a hit?

• Standing to say the pledge of allegiance every morning with the leaders over the loud speaker.

• PE — otherwise known as social time. You know, cause you can't talk in the classroom.

• 5th grade and changing classes... having different teachers for different subjects — life changing.

• 7th grade... the year I officially hated my hair and learned about chemical straighteners.

• 9th grade... going to pep rallies and yelling out your graduation year. Let's here it for the Class of 1999.

• 11th grade... first year to go to prom, first year to drive to school, first year to leave school early every day.

• 12th grade... only the best year of your life. You're class rules the school, you know that in a few short months you'll be done with grade school forever and you start planning your future.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things. What do you remember most about your first day of school?


  1. Such a great topic! As a teacher, I still get nervous about the first day of school!. I have the hardest time sleeping the night before. But, being a teacher puts a whole new meaning on the first day of school. :)We always had Pizza with corn.

  2. My name was NEVER on anything either. As I got older, I appreciated that my name wasn't as common. How many Jennifer, Jessica and Ashley's can there seriously be? The first day of school was always a tense one for me. What am I going to wear? Who am I going to sit next to at lunch? Will I know anyone in my classes? Is my teacher going to be nice? Will the bus show up at my house? Ahhhh it just stresses me out thinking about it lol. I loved to go back to school shopping...but hated going back to school!

  3. Oh my goodness, so many good memories from the beginning of the school year! I LOVED back to school shopping and picking out the perfect 1st day outfit. Of course by high school, I had to wear my cheer uniform on the first day! I also loved painting all the welcome signs and posters and helping get the school ready in high school. One of the perks of being a cheerleader...I didn't love the 2 a day practices we had then though!

  4. ahhhhhhhh, I love this! I have my version scheduled for the week before Labor Day (our schools to back that week or the next around these parts!).

  5. Ha!! I can't believe it's school time already.. Crazy; where is time going! This post made me think back to my school days.. Some days I'm thankful they're over and other days I wish they still existed. Ha! Happy Tuesday :)

  6. Kids are already going back to school over there? We still have 3 weeks in this neck of the woods!!

    What I remember most - in almost EVERY grade from 6-12th - correcting the teachers every time they called me Jennifer (my older sister).

  7. I ear you on the 5th grade thing. TOTALLY life changing!

  8. Yes! I love all of my school memories and I hope my students love the memories of my classroom when they think on them.


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